Who's Calli?

Having lead a “colourful” life, the one resounding constant, and source of her indomitable strength has been Callis ability to convey powerful emotion through the art of song. But just who is the girl behind the voice?

Born Calli Victoria Malpas on August 1st 1982 into a loving, yet some might say slightly unconventional home in North West Kent, Calli clung tightly to an insatiable appetite for music cultivated by her mother, Annette and inherited from her father, Bob, whose natural talent and unrivalled energy for all things music would be the very foundation upon which she would build her musical career.

Callis draw to entertainment began first with dance, training for 8 years at the ‘Len Goodman School of Dance’ before moving into musical theatre when she joined the ‘Belcanto London Academy’.  Here she began to indulge her growing desire to sing, performing at many prestigious venues including ‘Earls Court’ and ‘The London Palladium’.  Following her time with BLA, she moved briefly into pantomime and onto radio, before pulling the curtain on the arts, writing it off as a “bad job”.

In the five years spent away from music, Calli completed a diploma in counselling and took a break to make way for the arrival of her son. “Having my son has been the best decision of my life, he is my biggest delight, my reason for being”. But a life without music was never really an option for Calli and in 2006 she joined Heather Andrews to front rock, pop, soul band ‘OCD’.  Since then she has not looked back drawing on the musical influences in her life; Roger Daltrey, Beth Hart, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, P!nk and of course her Dad, Bob to create a unique style fuelled by such emotion and passion that leaves an audience captivated and moved to the very core.

Still singing with OCD, the variety of genres covered by the band allows Calli to take full advantage of her rock and blues roots, but equally offers the opportunity to enjoy the diversity that working with such talented musicians has to offer.  Towards the end of 2010 Calli took the plunge into full time musicianship and began to develop a very unique solo acoustic act in the hope of filling a niche in the local marketplace. Very quickly the solo act gained momentum and Calli began to put together the "Live Jukebox" as a  third act she could offer, allowing her to cater for any requirement.  The "Live Jukebox" has become hugely popular and boasts a set list of over 600 songs, from which her audience can request the songs they want to hear.  "You're the DJ, she's the voice".

Performing covers alongside the occasional original track, Calli brings the same energy and excitement to her solo acts as she does to the band line-up with the addition of a distinctive raw sound coupled with an unbridled gusto for a job she quite openly adores.  When the great British weather allows, Calli loves nothing more than taking it all back to basics working as a street entertainer in her home towns and she also provides a platform for other artists to perform by hosting various open mic nights in her local area.

Over the years Calli has matured into a singer of exceptional quality, a passionate lyricist and a physically and emotionally intense performer, describing her own on stage style as “never on autopilot.  I feel, live and absorb every word I sing, there is no other way”.

“She who sings, scares away her woes”