Things are so undetermined as far as live gigs are concerned these days. Every week I seem to receive further cancellations and with the change in weather, pop up parties and care home entertainment have  ground to a halt.  Not to mention Facebook cancelling all music live streams. For the first time in over ten years, I am unable to support myself through music and have now taken on other employment. It is a very sad time indeed  

However, l refuse to let this get me down, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful life and I count my blessings every day and hope that things will change for the better soon. I am still offering services completely free of charge where I can, whether that be to record a video message for your loved one's birthday, perform a private gig over conference call, or provide a 100% social distanced pop up party for you. Check out all the freebies on offer...


If you would like to make a donation to my buskers hat, it's always gratefully received, but never expected.

Until then, please take care

Much love