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From Jazz to Rock and everything in-between!

Versatility has been the key to Calli's long term status as a full time musician. Her ability to convey a Jazz standard is as convincing as the raw passion with which she delivers a rock classic. Whilst she is able to offer an entire evening of almost any genre, Calli has also crafted a repertoire of over 800 songs to be able to offer the "live jukebox", a multi genre act, where the audience chooses the songs they wish to hear. 

Be it a laid back acoustic vibe you require. a solo vocalist to tracks, duo, trio or full band experience, Calli offers something for everyone. 

Calli - Showreel
Calli - Acoustic Showreel
OCD Entertainment Showreel
Pop Up Party Showreel - Calli Malpas

For bookings and enquiries, GET IN TOUCH!

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